Hi I’m Craig Addyman and welcome to my little home on the web, I’m from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England.

This started out as a kind of online CV / Resume but that seemed a bit boring so instead it’s going to be my blog for ramblings and just whatever I fancy really, and besides I have a LinkedIn profile for my online resume.

I currently live in Malta, in a beautiful place called Mellieha, right on the sea front in the Tas-sellum apartments.

Checkout the personal page if your interested in my favorite movies etc and what friends have said about me. I also have a fitness website called the “6packproject.com” which is where most of my efforts are spent.

I like spending my free time searching and studying the internet, snorkeling, swimming and generally just soaking up the sun with my good lady.

As well as my fitness training, I train my hand strength twice a week.

Thats about it for now, oh and check out my twitter.