Jason Massiah

Jason Massiah is one of my close friends and is a highly talented musician, with his stage name “Tre” he has a regular spot in a local club that is always sold out. With two albums under his belt¬†collaborating with fellow musician “Soul Deep” he is certainly one to watch!

Here they are in action…

As you can see they both love what they do as they will do it anywhere, so if you see them around Harrogate, ask nicely and I’m sure they will give you a¬†performance. Just don’t ask for a rap battle as you will probably lose!

This is Tre doing one of his first ever videos

As you can see it’s raw talent at the bottom of this page there is a share button, so if you like what you see then please share this as more people should know about him and his skills and this is a perfect way to show support and help him get more exposure. One last thing remember the name Jason Massiah as one day it will be up in lights. Follow him here.

Keep doing what your doing mate.

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